2005 was officially designated
the "World Year of Physics"
in honor of Einsteins "miraculous year" of 1905

Songs about Albert Einstein

by Walter Smith & Marian McKenzie

Einstein from his days as a
clerk in the patent office


Divine Einstein
(About Einstein's "Miraculous Year" of 1905,
set to "I'm Lookin' Over a Four-Leaf Clover")

The Photon and the Wave
(About the historical debate over the wave vs. particle nature of light,
set to "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", aka
"You Say To-mah-to, and I Say To-may-to")

The Relativity Song
(Set to "Fathoms Below", from Disney's "The Little Mermaid")

A wonderful online historical exhibit about Einstein,
hosted by the American Institute of Physics

Background courtesy of Free Backgrounds.com