Freebody Diagram (to the tune of “La Cucaracha”)
Prof. Elizabeth Behrman, Wichita State University
With help from Jo Behrman and Andrew Hart
Dedicated to the IWW and its use of songs “to hold the crowd and for propaganda purposes” (E.G. Flynn, Rebel Girl.)

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Freebody diagram, freebody diagram
Don’t forget your axes.
Freebody diagram, freebody diagram
Object shape just as you please.
1. First you put in gravitation
Then look at its touchation
For each touch at least one force
Sometimes two but never morse (chorus)
2. Surfaces won’t share their space
Friction keeps you in your place
Strings will only pull not push
Show the axes to their tush (chorus)
3. Sum of F equals ma
Direction? Any! (So they say)
a is zero? Well, maybe
Better check then you will see (chorus)
4. Forces always come in pairs
Sizes equal – only fair!
For each force you should know
In which picture it should go! (chorus)
5. Each force happens at a point
“Perp” the distance to the joint
Each torque equals F times L
Sum them up to get the al – PHA!

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Tutorial about free body diagrams

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