"Hail Chemistry"
Words by Tom Lehrer

copyright (c) 1951
Tune: "Hail Poetry,” from Pirates of Penzance by Sir Arthur Sullivan

This recording is posted here with permission from Tom Lehrer, Prof. Norman Ramsey (who made the recording), and all the cast members who are still living. You are encouraged to download it for your own use, and to notify others of the URL (web address) for this page, or the more general URL of this site.

You may not post the recording elsewhere on the internet, nor sell copies, nor modify the recording. All other rights are reserved.

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Vocals and piano by Tom Lehrer. Technical notes on the recording.

Introductory Dialog:

Professor (spoken by Lewis M. Branscomb):
Still my advice is to learn some math.
You don't have a thing to lose if, God forbid, to switch to Chemistry you should choose.

But sir, I think you go too far:
We do not dare disown
Our noble sister science
Second only to our own

Hail Chemistry, sung by the whole cast.

Hail chemistry, we all adore
Each answer you're referred to for
Hail chemistry, our staunch ally
It's us, it's us, whom you're well thought of by.

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