The Elements

Words: Tom Lehrer
Tune: Modified version of "The Major General Song", by Gilbert & Sullivan

There's Sb, As, Al, Se
And H and O and N and Re
And Ni, Nd, Np, Ge
And Fe, Am, Ru, U

Eu, Zr, Lu, V
And La and Os and At and Ra
And Au and Pa and In and Ga
And I and Th and Tm and Tl

There's Y, Yb, Ac, Rb
And B, Gd, Nb, Ir
And Sr and Si and Ag and Sm
And Bi, Br, Li, Be and Ba

There's Ho and He and Hf and Er|
And P and Fr and F and Tb
And Mn and Hg, Mo, Mg
Dy and Sc and Ce and Cs

And Pb, Pr, and Pt, Pu
Pd, Pm, K, Po
And Ta, Tc, Ti, Te
And Cd and Ca and Cr and Cm

There's S, Cf, and Fm, Bk
And also Md, Es, No
And Ar, Kr, Ne, Rn, Xe, Zn and Rh
And Cl, C, Co, Cu, W, Sn, and Na

These are the only ones of which
The news has come to Ha'vard
There may be many others, but
They haven't been discavard

Tom Lehrer
in 1960

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