A poem by Dr. James D. Livingston

Free electrons that change their location
Can conduct, which has some application
But bound ones do a lot
Staying in the same spot
Through electrical polarization

These electrons that stay in their place
Can refract, slowing light's frantic pace
They can store energy
And transmit some AC
While avoiding conduction's rat race

By refracting with rules set by Snell
They internal reflection compel
So down fibers of glass
Information can pass
It's a job bound electrons do well

It's the free ones that get the attention
While the bound ones, avoiding pretension,
Do their jobs day and night
And steadfastly hold tight
So at least they deserve equal mention!

Dr. James Livingston

Learn more about some of the topics mentioned:
the connection between bound electrons and refraction (qualitative),
total internal reflection applet, fiber optic cables, negative index of refraction (a current research topic) 

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