Songs from 1985 by Arthur Roberts

These recordings were made in 1985 at a colloquium given at the University of Hawaii. Prof. Arthur Roberts wrote all the music and words, except as noted.

(For the lyrics, click on the song title)

Recording :
Spoken introduction (not to be missed!)

The Cyclotronist's Nightmare (or Eighty Millicuries by Half-Past Nine)


It Ain't the Money




Take Away Your Billion Dollars
(published in Physics Today 1, (7) 1946)


Liberal Arts Blues


Some People Don't Know Where to Stop

Birth of the Bubble Chamber

Brush Up on Parity
(Tune based on "Brush Up Your Shakespeare", by Cole Porter)

Particle Physics
You've Stolen Our Heart
Doing the Supernova Bounce
Happy Birthday, CERN
Pentagon Polka

There is Nothing Like a Brain
(Tune based on "There is Nothing Like a Dame", by Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Vocals and Piano: Prof. Arthur Roberts

Many thanks to Paul Banner (Prof. Roberts' brother in law) for digitizing the original recordings, and to Chris Kingsley for digital cleanup of the recordings.

Click here for a different performance of Take Away Your Billion Dollars. This is part of the American Institute of Physics historical archive.

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