Songs from 1947 by Arthur Roberts

These recordings were made in 1947 by faculty and students of the "State University of Iowa" (now the University of Iowa). Prof. Arthur Roberts (of the physics dept.) wrote all the music and words, except as noted below. Click here for Liner Notes.

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The Cyclotronist's Nightmare (or Eighty Millicuries by Half-Past Nine)

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It Ain't the Money

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Take Away Your Billion Dollars
(published in Physics Today 1, (7) 1946)

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How Nice to Be a Physicist

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Conant, Compton, and Baruch (words by MIT English Professor William Greene)

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Lead Vocals: Everett W. Hall, Head of the Philosophy Department. Prof. Hall authored several texts, including Philosophical Systems: A Categorial Analysis (Chicago University Press, 1960) and Modern Science & Human Values: A Study in the History of Ideas (2nd Ed.: Delta, 1966).
Chorus (members of the Physics Dept.): Prof. John A. Eldridge, Prof. Joseph M. Jauch, and graduate students L. J. Luft, Milton Moon, Charles A. Wert, H. Bruce Phillips, and Carlton Schrader. Prof. Jauch was co-author of the well-known text The Theory of Photons and Electrons (2nd Ed.: Springer Verlag, 1976.) Prof. Eldridge was author of The Physical Basis of Things (McGraw-Hill, 1934) and of College Physics (McGraw-Hill, 1937). Charles Wert co-authored The Physics of Solids (2nd Ed.: McGraw-Hill, 1970) .
Piano: Prof. Arthur Roberts

Many thanks to the family of Prof. Roberts for their permission to post these songs here, to Prof. Tony Rothman (Princeton University Physics Dept.) for the loan of the original 78 rpm recordings, to Prof. Richard Freedman (Haverford College Music Dept.) for assistance with conversion to digital media, and to Chris Kingsley for digital cleanup of the recordings.

Click here for a different performance of Take Away Your Billion Dollars (with the same performers), and clips from alternate performances of three other songs from above. (Note in particular the slightly different lyrics on How Nice to Be a Physicist.) This is part of the American Institute of Physics historical archive.

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