There are many ways to use the songs accessible through this page including:

*Add song links to a course web page to "spice it up"! (For songs hosted on this site, we suggest you link to the index page for the song, which includes links to each of the different format recordings, etc. If you prefer, feel free to download the files and host them on your own site, with appropriate attribution, of course.)

*Sing the songs in class, or play recordings of them, or suggest that a musically-talented student sing them!

*Read the lyrics of songs in class as poems.

*Ask students to write their own songs, perhaps using some of those you can find through this page as inspiration. We'll include any new songs in our link list, or if you prefer we'll post the songs directly on this site.

Plus, of course, just have fun listening to the songs yourself, or reading the lyrics!

Suggest other ways to use physics songs

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