The Kronecker Delta Function Song

Music and Lyrics by Walter Fox Smith


Learn more about the physics of the Kronecker delta function

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Vocals: Walter Smith & Marian McKenzie
Piano: Luis Rivera
Guitar: Kai Faris
Bass: Reilly Milburn
Drums: Luis Loza
Violin: Jake Ogata Bernstein
Flute and claps: Marian McKenzie
Recording engineer: Clayton Brandt
Mixing: Brad Smalling

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Leopold Kronecker said that God had
Made the integers but nothing in between.
The study of transcen-dental numbers was mad!
And the irrationals, he thought they were obscene!

Although he was eccentric, old Leo was hero!
He studied elliptic functions, so they say.
But he did something else, and it equals one or zero--
It’s the reason physicists remember him today!

Kronecker delta functions are such fun --
A little delta and a tiny m- n !
If the subscripts are equal, the value is just one,
But zero if they’re different,
let’s sing the song again!
[Repeat twice. On the second repeat, replace the last line with "That's enough this is the end!"]

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