Music and Words by Cole Porter

Comedic arrangement by Tom Lehrer

copyright (c) 1951

This is the fight song for Yale University, and was written by Cole Porter, Yale class of 1913. It is nearly a self-parody. However, Lehrer's tiny changes, consisting just of a few added repetitions of words at critical moments, throw off the musical timing in a hilarious way.

Recording of the original, by the Yale Marching Band (singing starts at 0:28)

Words as performed in the Physical Revue (Words in blue added by Lehrer. Words in red are in the original but not in the Physical Revue.) Sung by the entire cast:

Bull dog, bull dog,
Bow wow, wow, Eli Yale.
Bull dog, Bull dog , Bull dog,
Bow wow, wow, --- wow,
Our team will never fail.
When the sons of Eli
Break through the line,
That is the sign we hail,
[Go Yale!] Rah, rah, rah, rah, --- rah.
Bull dog, bull dog, bull dog,
Bow wow, wow, --- wow,
Eli Yale.

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