Songs and poems by
Dr. James D. Livingston
MIT Materials Science and Engineering Dept.

These songs were originally written
to accompany Dr. Livingston's text,
"Electronic Properties of Engineering Materials"
(Wiley, 1999)


"My Favorite Materials" (To the tune of "My Favorite Things")

Chapter 1: Conductors and Resistors

"Ohm Sweet Ohm" (poem)

Chapter 2: Windows, Doors, and Transparent Electrodes

"Ode on a Scottish Del" (poem)

Chapter 3: Insulators and Capacitors

"Quickly Polarize" (To the tune of "Accentuate the Positive")

Chapter 4: Lenses and Optical Fibers

"Unfreedom" (poem)

Chapter 5: Inductors, Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets

"Our Ferromagnetic Love" (To the tune of "That Old Black Magic")

Chapter 6: Superconductors and Magnets

"Onnes Bonus" (poem)

Chapter 7: Elasticity, Springs, and Sonic Waves

"The Three Nesses (stiff-, hard-, and tough-)" (To the tune of "Material Girl")

Chapter 8: Light Particles, Electron Waves, and Quantum Wells

"Boxed In" (poem)

Chapter 9: The Periodic Table, Atomic Spectra, and Neon Lights

"The Elements" (song by Tom Lehrer)

Chapter 10: The Game is Bonds - Interatomic Bonds

"Making a Pi" (To the tune of "Comin' Through the Rye")

Chapter 11: From Bonds to Bands

"Carbons Wise Hybridize" (poem)

Chapter 12: Free-Electron Waves in Metals

"Yesterday is History" (To the tune of "Yesterday")

Chapter 13: Nearly Free Electrons - Bands, Gaps, and Holes

"When You're in k-Space" (To the tune of "Makin' Whoopee")

Chapter 14: Metals and Insulators

NEW! "Band Aid" (poem)

Chapter 15: Semiconductors

NEW! "Physics at Its Best" (poem)

Chapter 16: LEDs, Photodectors, Solar Cells, and Transistors

NEW! "p-n Junk " (poem)

Dr. Livingston is also the author of the popular science book
"Driving Force: The Natural Magic of Magnets"

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